Hiromasa Ogura / Watercolor on canvas + digital enhancement / Tokyo, 2023.

Shot by Perimetron and Elliott Muscat / Tokyo and Kyoto, 2023.

This installation captures the creation of DATA, Tainy’s debut album. This collection of photos, video and sound were shot on location in Japan, Miami, Puerto Rico, Mexico City, Tulum, and Los Angeles. Tainy creates a cyborg-human hybrid named Sena 瀬奈. With the goal of making her as human as possible, he uploads emotions and memories to her mind through his music. Music represents the story of our lives by connecting our experiences, emotions and memories. The process of uploading songs into Sena’s computerized mind is a metaphor for becoming human. Each song on the album represents a feeling or memory that Sena experiences. As we witness Sena’s cyborg-human transformation through the upload process we reflect on what it means to be human.